I create Motion Graphics, 3D, Banner Ads and everything in between.

Morton Fraser

Created in Unreal Engine using a mixture of modified stock models and self created and textured assets. I utilised real-time 3D when the time restraints and budget didn't allow for film or fully rendered 3D. Forced perspective text was created with Unreal decals and cameras for a projection point.

Watch it here

Wood Mackenzie

A set of high resolution print assets, created using Cinema 4D, Octane Render and utilising illustration assets. These were repurposed to animate in a motion graphics piece for which additional renders were produced.

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A guide to roadtrips

A blend of photoreal 3D animation and motion tracked 2D animation cut in with footage and photography of roadtrips for Visit Scotland. The majority of assets were modelled and textured for the video.

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Scotland VR

Working with the team at Whitespace, I created some of the low poly optimised assets included in the Scotland VR app available on iOS and Android.

Read about the app here

Banner Ads

Campaigns with dozens of sizes require a fast process with consistency in animation and appearance, so the most streamlined process is a Photoshop and hand coded JavaScript approach with an extensive knowledge of how to crunch file size down to spec size.


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Currently residing in Edinburgh. I have 10 years experience producing work in a broad range of media, for clients across the UK and the globe, giving me a unique perspective on any problem.